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Kevin Wales

Wealth Planning Advisor


ph: 773.867.3626
cell: 847.606.1087

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Kevin’s experience in the financial arena expands thirty-plus years. His passion for the markets is surpassed only by his desire to provide help and guidance to individuals with their complex and comprehensive planning needs.

Kevin is compelled to provide panoramic financial planning to busy and successful individuals. His typical clients are executives, business owners and entrepreneurs, many whose careers and businesses unfortunately allow them little time to create a path toward achievable wealth (internal and external to their career and/or business)…a path that allows them to optimize the
accumulation, protection, diversification, and eventual distribution of their wealth. Most have performed some planning with qualified advisors. However, there are often coordination gaps between the many aspects of planning. No single person can be an expert in all things. Consequently, Kevin believes strongly in a collaborative effort with the other FairView Advisors and the intellectual capital available from the Lincoln Financial National Team. He will also work with client’s other advisors to ensure planning bridges gaps and “brings it home”.

He is a strong advocate of educating the client to the level they desire. A well-informed client adds incredible value toward the path to achievable wealth. Planning is dynamic process. The bonding of a strong relationship with each client allows this process to remain fluid and adaptable.

Kevin has extensive knowledge of both equity and fixed income markets, domestic and international. This experience comes from owning and acting as officer for several large trading firms over a thirty-year career. His responsibilities included trading and risk management through the many peaks and valleys of numerous business cycles. He is a graduate of Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.

Kevin and his wife are parents to three young adults. They have lived in the north suburbs of Chicago for over thirty years. He has been active in his community, especially the area of youth sports. Currently, Kevin is involved with the planting and growth of a new church in Libertyville, IL, Connections Church.

Kevin Wales is a registered representative of Lincoln Financial Advisors, a broker/dealer and registered investment advisor.