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Are you as informed about your personal financial security as you should be? Sure, you can run numbers and come up with a figure that, at least on paper, will support you in retirement. But, have you quantified the “what-ifs” that will empower you to make better-informed investment, retirement, income tax, and estate planning decisions to help you toward achieving your goals?

  • Early retirement: Voluntary or involuntary?
  • Do you NEED to work or WANT to work?
  • What is your post-career goal? Fulfillment?

We have the experience and depth of resources to address the lingering questions you think about most. Questions like:

  • How are you MAXIMIZING your benefits (options, awards, etc.) package?
  • Are your INVESTMENTS READY for your retirement?
    • Adequate compensation for risk?
    • Sound reliability of income?
    • Tax control?
  • Do you have a charitable giving plan? What’s the right amount?


What you can expect

Effectively, FairView becomes your personal planning specialist. Because your time is valuable and benefits packages tend to be complex, it is important to work with someone who understands the sophisticated strategies that can help maximize your benefits and help you grow your personal worth. This will allow you to remain focused on what’s important to you. That’s where FairView Financial Advisors really shines. We can help you leverage your company stock options, awards, deferred compensation, pension, and other compensation perks and integrate them into a meaningful financial plan.

We don’t create your financial plan in a vacuum; we work in collaboration with your other advisors – such as attorneys and accountants for instance – to understand any financial strategies or estate planning techniques you’ve already implemented. Our goal is not to replace other advisors; rather, we want to work with them to identify any coordination gaps or missed financial planning opportunities making your team more valuable and productive for you. This will help ensure that all pieces of your financial plan are working together, as effectively and efficiently as possible.